Arrington Magny: Art adds Beauty to our Daily Lives

Arrington MagnyContemporary artists are many, but few are the ones who capture a visual impact on the viewers. Fine artist Arrington Magny is one of them. Arrington grew up in Mississippi and New Orleans. The success of her work has taken her to places such as Paris, and Miami—where she resides.

Arrington’ minimalistic style and artistry illuminates both her personal curiosity and a commitment to following notions of simplicity; along with the hints of discovery and suggestion, conjuring a subtle atmosphere of self-elevated design. Continue reading Arrington Magny: Art adds Beauty to our Daily Lives

Poem on the ‘Starving Artist’

I’m starving, I want to create
I’m starving, I just want to paint
Then, I write trying to create
But to write is not the same as to paint
People say there is something wrong with me
Because painting doesn’t pay the bills
Then I wonder if I am starving how do I buy paint
I look around for a job that pays
The job pays the bills and also pays for the paint
But the job has taken up the time to create
With no time to paint
There is no time to create
Then I’m still starving, starving to create