Terrible Twos

The ‘terrible twos’ are named accurately for the feeling they often evoke in both parents and children alike. But in reality, this is merely a transitional time in which children explore their independence and bounce back and forth between self-reliance and their reliance on you, the parent. This back and forth – if not foreseen and prepared for – can be frustrating and confusing, not only for your child but for you as well. One minute they are hanging off of your leg, like a sack of potatoes, telling you they love you and the next they want nothing to do with you.

As a parent, it is hugely important to become informed on this stage in your child’s adolescent development as well as how to cope with it. This is so hugely important because emotions are at stake, on both sides, and it is one very important stage – among a lifetime of important stages – in your child’s life.

This book is written from the voice of a 2-year old and reminds parents that tantrums are just a normal stage in a child’s adolescents. So many new experiences, emotions and changes happen at that age that the ‘terrible twos’ have become widely accepted as a foregone conclusion when preparing to become a parent. So, prepare for them! Children are always looking for guidance, support and most importantly love. They need to know that it is ok to feel a certain way, but not always ok to act a certain way. This is best taught through positive reinforcement and understanding. The book is comprehensive for both parents and children and is a great way to learn together! It is also fun and has activity areas for children to colour. With the help of this book, you and your little rascal can learn that the terrible twos don’t have to be so ‘terrible’ after all!

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If you are the parent of a young child, then you know the importance – and possibly the struggle – of encouraging them to share. Whether it be with a sibling, the other children at school or out on the playground, sharing goes a long way and is a very important virtue that becomes a vital skill as one develops. Sharing is a skill learned over time, and one that can sometimes be forgotten if not properly reinforced. Learning to share will not only help your child to socialize, but teaches them empathy and the power of helping others. The book ‘Sharing’ focuses on the importance of sharing between siblings but more importantly how to do it while having fun! It is perfect for all children ages 3 and up, and also helps them to practice the difficult to pronounce ‘SH’ sound as in… sharing!

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Figaro, The Flamboyant Frog

This book is an educational yet fun story aimed at helping children uncover their hidden talents as well as encouraging them to practice speaking the ‘F’ sound. This story follows the life of a flamboyant frog named Figaro – who wore a Fedora… when he felt fancy he would eat flies… well, you get the idea – as he helps other to uncovers their hidden talents. This inspirational tale of Figaro teaches children the power of commitment in order to achieve their goals along with teaching them the truth that persistence pays off; as it did for Figaro! Figaro has many artistic talents and invites others to join his foundation to help them uncover their own hidden talents as well! It is an inspiring, fun book, with coloring pages that children can directly relate to because of their own difficulties with learning to speak. There’s no better time than right now to not only encourage your child to explore his / her own hidden talents, but learn to speak and have fun while doing it! This book is suitable for all children ages 5 and up.

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Holiday Card Giving

It’s about to be that time of year again when you’re trying to figure out how you are going to make your gifts as festive as possible. It’s understandable that you are searching for a way to make your holiday gifts as unique and festive as possible, after all that’s what the season is all about. The more you can share the spirit of the holidays, the better, right?

I have some products that I can offer, including great children’s books, but what about something as simple and classic as holiday cards? Perfect for all ages and great for customization, cards are some of the best parts of the holiday season.

Do you know where, however, it all came from? The start of holiday cards is not as classic and Santa-like as you’d like to think. In fact, the person with the bright idea of creating Christmas cards was the assistant keeper at what we now call the post office. Since it was only used by the wealthy to send packages and parcels, he wanted to make it more accessible to the everyday person. With the help of artist, John Horsley, the two of them designed a card to sell to the common person that would need to be sent via the post office. This was the very start of a tradition that would grow in popularity to what we know it to be today.

While it appears as though its beginning is much more commercial-themed than many of us would like to think, it’s easy to see how, today, it’s about sharing loving messages with loved ones near and far during the holiday season.

You can find all sorts of options out there for colours, style, design and more. If you’re looking for unique holiday cards to give out to loved ones, have a look around my website. Sometimes you’ll find the right card for someone without even looking for it. This can often be part of the magic of holiday shopping.  Maybe you don’t even give out holiday cards like you used to. However, there is a true magic about picking out, addressing and sending cards to loved ones, no matter where they are.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even feel like it’s back in the early-mid 1800s when cards came into being. Regardless, grab onto the holiday feel in your own way by finding the right card for someone special in your life. From gifts to cards to the look on their face, it’ll be perfect for a holiday spirit!

The History of Christmas Cards,

See more of holidays cards here. The illustrations were originally done on canvas using acrylics. Here is my collection over the years. Click on the image.

Christmas card-Gingerbread

Happy Holidays!