Jessica Holden and her Love for Nature and Animals


Jessica Holden is an art graduate from Sheffield Hallam University in South Yorkshire, England. Her more recent work entitled Hush the Hound is a collection of original drawings and art work that reflects on nature. Holden’s work is inspired by her love and appreciation for nature and animals, and the places she travels. Continue reading Jessica Holden and her Love for Nature and Animals

Absence and Presence: The Visual Work of Heather Graham

Heather Graham.2606Toronto based visual artist, Heather Graham began her career as still life painter, using fruit and life drawings as her subjects. Her work has since evolved into large-scale portraits painted using the technique of applying paint,and then removing it partly. Large household paintbrushes are used to eliminate fine surface details, creating a transient and ambiguous effect. These techniques diffuse the focus of the painting and, as a result, the subject can be viewed as lost in a grey visual stillness, or emerging from it. Taking a closer look at her work, her canvas dissolves into abstraction—from presence to absence—in order to implicate the viewer. Graham encourages the viewer to fill in the context of the abstraction. Graham is interested in investigating the temporality of human condition. Take a look! Continue reading Absence and Presence: The Visual Work of Heather Graham

Shelley Adler: “Painting is Beautiful”

On March 4, 2013, I met Shelley Adler when she was invited to speak about her work in my Philosophy of Art class.  A Canadian painter, Adler studied fine art at York University, the Edinburgh College of Art, and Boston University, where she obtained a Master’s Degree. Her work has appeared at the Nicholas Metivier Gallery in Toronto and the Andrea Meislin Gallery in New York, as well as being featured in the Canadian Art Magazine. Continue reading Shelley Adler: “Painting is Beautiful”

Andy Andy Andy–The Artist

"Green Armstrong" by Andy Andy Andy

Andy Detskas, (known as Andy Andy Andy),was born in Marlton, New Jersey in 1975 and grew up a wanderer, living in the Midwest, deep South and East coast. Like many artists, Andy began exploring drawing, painting, sculpture and photography at a young age. He attended Siena Heights University where he earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts, followed by Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2000 where he obtained Masters of Fine Arts. Since then, Andy has exhibited his work around the United States, participating in group shows with the likes of Mariko Mori and Keith Haring. Continue reading Andy Andy Andy–The Artist